about sustainability

The term ‘sustainability’ refers to
general processes that do not
deplete the resources they rely on

Sustainability approach

There is little debate today about the importance of the issue of sustainability. Sustainability is not only about environmental questions. It implies a much broader approach to social, economic and environmental questions. Often these issues are intertwined and cannot be dealt with separately.

A sustainability-oriented approach takes constant change into account and aims to balance the consumption of limited resources with the fulfilment of human needs. In order to achieve environmental sustainability, we need to take a close look at how natural systems work, how they remain diverse and how they produce everything that is needed for keeping an ecosystem in balance. Social relationships need thorough care for long-lasting existence.

Companies have a responsibility to conserve scarce natural resources and to support their social environment. They have to find ways to use resources efficiently in order to keep any negative effects of this use within reasonable bounds.

The level certificate is one important and visible step for fulfilling this responsibility.