hali GmbH drawer container

Mobile pedestral, mobile pedestral with lateral groove grip, mobile pedestral with overlay front, mobile pedestral low, mobile pedestral low with overlay front, Standing Container, Standing Container with lateral groove grip, Standing Container with overlay front Material Veneered chipboard: P2/ E1 chloride-free fine chipboard, conform to EN 312. Edged on all sides with colour-penetrated 2 mm ABS softened edges. Real-wood veneer according to the collection with a robust semi-matt lacquer. Coated chipboard: P2/ E1 chloride-free fine chipboard, conform to EN 312. Both sides matt and dazzle-free, conform to DIN 4554, melamine-resin coated according to the collection. Resistant against mechanical wear and short-term penetration of chemicals, conform to EN 14322 (Ö-Norm A 1605). Edged on all sides with colour-penetrated 2 mm ABS softened edges. Compact board: Duromere high-pressure laminate with a black core of resin-drenched cellulose strips, which are pressed under heat and high pressure (100 kp/cm). The resulting properties are resistance to breaking, impact and scratching, B1 non-inflammable, conform to ÖNORM B3800, Q1 weakly smoking, TR1 non-drip. Plastic parts: robust ABS plastic. Edges: plastic edge in robust ABS material with a colour-penetrated decorative surface. Pedestal Pedestal: 19 mm fine chipboard, with a sound-dampening stop edge. Various drawer dividers with system drilling and height units. Drawers: double walled organisation drawers with invisible ball-bearing mounting and self retraction; Individual pull-out lock. Plastic or metal drawer with part- of full extraction, to choice. Utensils parts in the drawer can be subsequently mounted. Front: lockable to choice, with various handle variants or push to open-function. Lock: locking system with a reversible lock core. Also combinable for subsequent changes to the locking system, lock system combinable throughout with all other storage models. Castors: 2.5 cm system height, hard or soft to choice. Pedestal technology: easy running utensils pull-out with self-retraction, equipped with precision ball- bearing runners. Fully covered drawer runners are protected against dirt and thus support longevity, a soft retraction is also optional for these drawers for a gentle and quiet closing.

Product Type Storage
Contact Name Inge Hiebl
Contact EMail headoffice@hali.at
Contact Phone +43 7272 3731
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Product Page www.hali.at/produktwelten/uebers…
Level Certification
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Level 2 Certificate Certified by TÜV Rheinland LGA Products GmbH
valid 2020-01-14 — 2023-01-13

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