hali GmbH cabinet (storage)

box (sliding door cabinet, hover door cabinet, revolving door cabinet, shelf cabinet, tambour cabinet, filing frame cabinet, drawer cabinet, locker cabinet, bar cabinet, flipper-door cabinet, flower tub) | open system (sliding door cabinet, revolving door cabinet, shelf cabinet, filing frame cabinet, drawer cabinet) | framework (revolving door cabinet, shelf cabinet) All panel parts are made of melamine-coated chipboard. The cabinet body is stable and resistant to stiffening. Accessible edges are 2 mm rounded (ABS edge). Optionally, the base cabinets can be supplied with base feet (height 25 mm) or with steel base (surface powdered). All cabinets are available with lock on request. All cabinets are PVC free. The cabinets and shelves fulfill the safety requirements according to ÖNORM EN 14073-2 For the cabinets different components are available (clothes rail, pull-out rail, cabinet pull-out board, …)

Product Type Storage
Contact Name Inge Hiebl
Contact EMail headoffice@hali.at
Contact Phone +43 7272 3731
Manufacturer Website
Product Page www.hali.at/produktwelten/uebers…
Level Certification
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Level 2 Certificate Certified by TÜV Rheinland LGA Products GmbH
valid 2020-01-14 — 2023-01-13

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